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Network problems after power outage

I have a Win2K server OS with a DSL connection. This server connects a 10 PC network with each client running Win2K. The server cannot see the network nor can it access the Internet. The clients can access the Internet but cannot access the network for file sharing or printing. The network was working fine until a power outage a couple of days ago. I was able to get the Internet going on the clients and the server by taking out the hard coded IP addresses and letting it obtain the IPs automatically. I'm letting DHCP assign the IPs from the router. Can you give me some troubleshooting checkpoints to get this network working properly again?
All of the clients need IP addresses in the same subnet, whether they are DHCP assigned or are static. If the server is a domain controller, the clients must be made members in the domain in order to interact with the shared resources. If the server is just a workgroup member, then all of the systems need to be a member of the same workgroup. If in a workgroup, a user account must be present on the server for each user of a client in order to gain access to resources there.

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