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No DNS servers are available error

I am an MCSE student and am really stuck on a netlogon error on my domain controller, which is the root DNS server for my small LAN. The server's TCP/IP is configured with a static add, subnet, gateway (Win98 machine running ICS), preferred DNS server, alternate my ISP DNS server IP address.

Only the append primary and connections specific suffixes is selected, DNS suffix for this location is XXX.local and register this connections address in DNS is selected. I have deleted the .(dot) zone from the DNS management console and am having DNS server forward to my ISP DNS server's IP address first and my Win98 machine second.

I am able to share Internet across my LAN and have connectivity with all computers but continue to log event ID: 5781 in my System Log "Dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more DNS records failed because no DNS servers are available."

Data: 0000: 2a 23 00 00 *#.."

I have been messing with this for two months now and getting nowhere. I'm sure something is configured wrong but can't figure it out.

I would change the IP address of the server from to start. Use something like Take the alternate DNS (ISP DNS Server) out of the configuration. Check to see that you can run nslookup and actually see your DNS server on itself. If this machine was previously a Windows NT server that you upgraded, check to see that the DNS services are actually set to accept dynamic updates.

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