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No Exchange admin rights to public folders using Panda Antivirus

Panda Antivirus software requires admin rights to Exchange public folders. Find out how to troubleshoot public folder permission issues that may occur.

We are running an Exchange 2003 server using Panda Antivirus. Panda needs to have access to the public folders for monitoring and scanning purposes. Both Exchange and Panda were installed by using the Administrator account and password. However, Panda is now telling us that Panda and Administrator have no rights to the public folders. This keeps Exchange from allowing email into the mail server.
Here is what has likely happened to you: Recently the password for Administrator was changed. The Panda software uses a service account to run the Panda services. During the install, you probably specified the Administrator account as the service account. Now the service will not work until you update the password on the Panda service.

To update the password, open the services.msc snap-in, locate the Panda service(s) and view the properties of the service by clicking on the Log On tab. Change the password and click OK.

Read this article from Panda detailing the requirements for the service account:

What privileges are needed to install and administer ExchangeSecure?

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