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No entries listed in Outlook or Windows Address book

I have Win2k installed with AD running Exchange 2000. Both Portqry and LDP allow me to query LDAP, but my Outlook 2000 client and Windows address book report there are no entries, regardless of what base I enter. Where can I find a good troubleshooting or setup guide to make sure I haven't made a simple mistake somewhere?
I wonder if this is related to a security patch you might have installed. This problem can happen if you use the hotfix from Microsoft Knowledge Base article 299687, and set the RestrictAnonymous registry key to a value of 0x2. In this scenario, the global catalog server does not allow anonymous access and Exchange and Outlook cannot access it.

To resolve this issue, check the value of the RestrictAnonymous registry key on the global catalog server. If the value is set to 0x2, and either the hotfix from 299687 or the hotfix from 311401 Windows 2000 security rollup package is installed, change the RestrictAnonymous value to 0x0. Restart the global catalog server to make this change take effect.

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