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No option to add Exchange services

I installed Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. Now when I try to connect to my Exchange server, I don't have the option to add Exchange Services (mail and fax) in the control panel.
It's not clear from your question whether or not you are running that service pack on your Exchange server or on your e-mail client, but in either case if you are missing the option to add the Exchange transport to a mail profile on this system, then it sounds like you don't have an Exchange client installed. Windows ships with a stubbed-out minimal version of MAPI. To use Exchange, you need the MAPI DLLs from a full-blown MAPI system (Outlook or Exchange). If you do have Outlook installed on this system, you might want to run its detect and repair process, or re-run setup to make sure that the Exchange messaging components were installed with Outlook.

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