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Notify an OWA user when a new e-mail has arrived

SearchExchange.com expert Patricia Guerrero explains how to configure Outlook Web Access to notify users when new e-mail has arrived.

Is it possible to integrate some Outlook Web Access features into a custom-built intranet Web page within my network? We are using Exchange 2003. I'd like to have an intranet page similar to, say, the MSN homepage, where you can see if you have new mail messages and possibly even list the mail headers. Is this possible?
It is possible to have Outlook Web Access notify the user when a new e-mail has arrived. Go to Modify E-mail Options and choose to Display a notification message and/or Play a sound. When new mail arrives an icon appears on the system tray, and on the bottom corner of Outlook Web Access. This is a hyperlink that refreshes the display when you click on it.

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