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OWA connectivity issues after T1 conversion

My company just put in a T1 line. Since the conversion, users are unable to utilize OWA (Outlook Web Access). I am able to connect through the server at http://localhost/Exchange ... but access is no longer possible from the outside.

I believe there is some firewall configuring that needs to be done, but I am not sure what and where. I can't seem to find any info on where in the network the firewall resides.

I am running Small Business Server 2000 with only one server. The firewall is the "canned" Microsoft firewall that was included in the OS.

Since I did not set it up (and am new to networking), I do not know if the firewall is between OWA and the Exchange server (which I think it is) or how to get at it.

Also, users are complaining that customers are unable to "reply" to e-mails we send out.

Who hosts your DNS records? If it is your Internet service provider chances are that A and MX records for your servers are missing on the ISP's configuration. Find out the external address and have it added it to the routing table. If you are hosting your own DNS, check that all A and MX records exist on your primary DNS server.

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