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Office 2000 install problems on a Win2k machine

I'm trying to install Office 2000 on a Win2k machine (a two-year old Celeron machine). The installation went well, but when I try to open a document (actually, to enter with a new blank document) in any Office application, it crashes. Word says it's writing a log, which I didn't find unless it's in the event log, which shows (under applications) this Dr. Watson report: "The application generated an application error. The error occurred on 09/26/2003 @ 20:03:11.913 The exception generated was c0000005 at address 308DFDD7 (MsoFPpvRealloc)" with an event ID of 4097 and user "N/A"."

I got the same problem with Win2k service packs and with SP4 installed and also when I installed SP and SP3 of Office. Following a tip in this article, my last install attempt was as a new user with administrative rights. I didn't understand the rest of this tip about deleting the profiles. Anyway, the problem remained. Any ideas what's wrong and how to fix it? By the way, to be accurate, Word, FrontPage & Excel crash with the error pop up, PowerPoint hangs and Access crashes directly.

The best thing to do is uninstall Office completely on this system and use the Office 2000 File and Registry Eraser. (See http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;247674 for more information on this tool.) That way you can start completely new. Log in as Administrator -- the original Administrator account -- patch the system with SP4, and then install Office 2000 under the admin account.

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