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Old distribution points return 'logon failure' error

We are using SMS 2.0. We have two older distribution points (DPs) and I created a new one. Each is on different servers. The two older ones do not work and never have since I started at this company. The new distribution point that I created works well. The error that comes back is "Logon Failure: unknown username or bad password." Neither I nor anyone else had set up any specific rights or user IDs on any of the three servers. Plus, SMS is using a domain SMS administrator account. Any thoughts on this issue?
You will want to remove the old distribution points and recreate them. It sounds like the individual who created them before you may have changed the password at some point and the old DPs did not get the chance. It's also possible the servers that are housing the DPs were rebuilt (restored) at some point. If that's the case, SMS may not be referencing the DPs correctly, and you'll need to perform a special procedure to remove the DP references before recreating them. See Removing old site systems from the SMS database.

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