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One computer won't recognize group policy changes

I am running Windows 2000 Server AD and have the default domain policy for the whole company, and also 2 group policies for our different security groups. I made some changes to one of the policies, and all of the users were able to see those changes except for one. It seems that she can't get to the control panel when logged in to her computer, however if she logs in to another users computer she can gain access to the control panel. I ran the gpresult.exe and it does indicate that the policies are applied, however it is like there is something in the registry that has not accepted the updates. How do I get her computer to accept the policy changes? I have tried searching for registry settings and group policy, but haven't found anything.
I would suspect that somewhere in the mix is a LOOBACK policy processing is upon that computer. While you didn't tell me if you tried other users logging on that computer, I would suspect that might get the same affect. Indeed, if Loopback policy processing is set upon the computer, then all users who logged in on that machine would get the same settings. Indeed, you can have LOOPBACK turned on at just the local level on the machine.

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