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Online courses for learning about Win2k Server

My office is purchasing two Dell Poweredge 2600 servers for running Windows Server 2000. It will be my responsibility to keep them up and running. Do you know of any free online courses or any good CD courses that will start me learning about the server OS? I realize that to become an able troubleshooter for the system, it will take a great deal of dedication and time. I just need something that will get me started. I am supposed to become the liaison between my office and the campus IT department. I would eventually like to become certified, so if one of the servers go down, we don't have to wait in line for a response from the IT team. The team gets busier everyday.

My contact with the IT department told me to get a PC and Windows Server 2000 OS -- I did. He said he was going to train me, but he left. Now I am on my own. I have been searching for courses, tutorials and white papers to help me learn, but I can't tell which are the best or where to start. Can you give me a clue? An inexpensive start would be great.

For an inexpensive start, I'd get the Training Kits from Microsoft Press (they can usually be found elsewhere too -- try this Web site. After that, I'd check out the Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center and take a few courses. You can always find third-party Microsoft books and training as well. I would recommend researching the MCSE certification and plan out your education strategy towards obtaining your MCSE. This will provide you a guide and a goal.

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