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Order of operations for promoting BDCs and PDCs

Right now I have a new server that is a BDC and will be the first DC I upgrade to Windows 2000. I currently have two other BDCs and one PDC (with DNS and WINS).

I've been told that I should promote the new BDC to PDC, replicate, and then take it offline to perform the upgrade, and then I should promote the old PDC back. Once upgraded, I will bring the new 2000 server back live and proceed to upgrading the PDC and BDCs. Will this work or will the old NT PDC bark at the new AD box?

  1. You should synchronize the entire domain. Check all servers to make sure that have synchronized correctly (Event Logs).

  2. Promote the new machine that will be the Windows 2000 machine to be the PDC.

  3. Take one BDC and do a normal shutdown. Power it off and DO NOT put it back online. This machine is your backup/recovery system for the NT 4.0 Domain.

  4. Upgrade the PDC to Win2000.

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