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Outgrowing Exchange Server?

I work in an environment with 2,000 students and 400 staff. I have an e-mail server which is Exchange 2003 on Server 2003. Will it be able to sustain that size or should I plan for a separate e-mail server to handle the load in the future when we have more staff?
Unless you have a very high-end Exchange server, I would plan on a second box. Here's how to think about sizing. First of all, you have two different kinds of users: students and staff. It is likely that your staff uses Outlook and MAPI to connect to the server and that they are logged on most of the time. Your students, however, are most likely using OWA or a POP3 client to access mail and the connections are for short periods of time. Depending on which of those solutions, they might not be storing much on the server. I would also suggest more aggressive anti-virus scanning for the student population. It would be best to segment these two populations on two different servers.

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