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Outlook Web Access logon failures

I am having Outlook Web Access (OWA) logon failures for all clients except those with administrative permissions. My environment is 65 users, one Windows 2000 domain, Exchange 2000 behind a firewall, all service packs and rollups are current. Exchange is rejecting the password for non-admin types. How do I get my clients, especially those off-site, reconnected?
Make sure you have an IUSR account in your Active Directory. Also, check your Exchange server permissions for the IUSR account.

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Solve SQL Server permissions and authentication problems For the past two weeks I've been trying to resolve a permissions problem, an authentication problem, or both. I've run out of ideas of where to look. Here is what I have: (1) SQL Server 2005 on a Member Server (2003) (2) I'm running Visual Studio .NET 2005 on my work station. (3) I can access the SQL Server data from within my .NET project. (4) If I access the website from outside my .NET project, I get Login Failed for user NT_AUTHORITY/NETWORK SERVICE. This happens on any PC and even the member server that houses SQL and the Intranet site IIS. (5) The reason I think I have a permissions problem is because of the behavior of two seperate test projects. Project #1 uses PROFILES to save state. When the program gets to this line of code, the Login Failed message appears. In project #2, I'm not saving state. But when the code attempts to gather data into a dataset, the program halts with the Login Failed message. Can you give me specific instructions on where to look and what to try?

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