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Outlook add-in saves copy of email to shared Sent Items folder

Discover an Outlook add-in that saves a copy of email sent from a shared account to the shared account's Sent Items folder rather than to a personal folder.

I have access to an Exchange Server mailbox that I share with two other people. When we send or reply from this account, a copy of the email goes into our personal Exchange Server account, not the shared mailbox. Is there a way to have Microsoft Outlook put the copy of the email in the shared account's Sent Items folder, rather than in the personal account's folder?
Dinerman: Although this functionality (for the Sent Items folder) is not readily supported in Exchange Server, there is a third-party utility that can solve this problem for you. Please take a look at IvaSoft's UniSent COM add-in for Outlook. (Special thanks to Microsoft MVP Sue Mosher for pointing out this Outlook utility in her newsgroup postings.)


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