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Outlook gets stuck indefinitely when trying to send e-mails larger than 1MB

Hello. I am using Outlook 2000 SR-1 on a Windows 2000 workstation. For some reason, I can't send out big e-mails (> 1 MB). Outlook does not display any error, but gets stuck indefinitely. Small e-mails are sent out correctly. I tried to play a little with parameters on the local area connection, but in vain. Can you help solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

You didn't mention what e-mail server you are using, but either way, it sounds like whatever server you?re sending the e-mail through is imposing some sort of size restrictions on your messages. Check with your server administrator and ask them about size limitations.

If it turns out that there are no size limitations, you might try using Network Monitor to take a network trace so that you can see the communication that is occurring between Outlook and your mail server.

Hope this helps.

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