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Outlook scheduling troubles

I have installed an active/passive E2k3 server in parallel with our original Exchange 5.5. I have moved users, replicated Public Folders and used PFMigration tool to verify that replication had occurred. Then I used it to remove PFs from 5.5 and removed IMS from 5.5 and shut down 5.5. Finally, I created a new SMTP connector in E2k3. Mail flows in and out fine, I can access all Public folders. Anyone opening their calendar sees all their calendar appointments, however no one is able to see any other persons Schedule +Free/Busy. Run Outlook with Cleanfreebusy switch to no avail. What could be the problem?
It sounds as if you are having a problem with the Schedule+ Free/Busy Folder. Sometimes the process of decommissioning the "First Server" in a Site or Administrative Group does not work correctly and this vital System Folder could be missing or corrupt. The procedure to recreate it for Exchange 2003 is http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;284200&Product=exch2003. You may also have to run Outlook with the /cleanfreebusy switch again on your workstations. As a general comment, always make sure you know which of your servers is the "First Server" that you created in a Site or Administrative Group, and when the time comes to decommission it, do a search in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for "Exchange First Server" to be reminded of the decommissioning procedures (there is one for each version).

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