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PC is 'stuttering' for one or two seconds during Win2k install

On my install of Win2k I get stuttering for one or two seconds, like the CPU is maxed out or something. I see the effect when playing spider. The first couple of cards move very slowly and then everything is normal. How do I isolate the process/program that is causing this?

To isolate the process causing the problem, use System Monitor (the performance monitor) and add in all of the instances of the Process: % Processor Time. Then open spider and move your first few cards. Go back to the System Monitor and remove all counters that don't show significant activity. The remaining counter is a possible suspect for causing the problem. If you don't seem to have enough time to inspect the results before they are overwritten, create a Counter Log to record the data into a log file and do your inspection from the log file.

Your problem is probably caused by an out-of-date or slightly damaged video driver or you are using a video card that isn't 100% compatible with Win2k or some other component in your computer. It is also possible that you have too little RAM in the system, your paging file is on a slow hard drive, the paging file is too small, or there is no additional free space on the hard drive for the paging file to use.

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