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POP3 problems

I have an Exchange 2003 server and I migrated mailboxes from Exchange 2000 to it. All is working great except for some accounts that need to use POP3. These accounts do not use Outlook Express to send or receive, but use specialized software. An example is a product called WebTrends that we use to monitor our devices and contact us if something goes down. This worked great with Exchange 2000 but since migrating to 2003 it has stopped working. I know in Outlook Express we can check it to say the server requires authentication, but that is not an option for these specialized software packages. How can I safely set up our Exchange 2003 server so that it can send e-mails using these specialized packages?
Here is what you need to do. First of all, determine the IP address of the machine that will be generating the WebTrends e-mail notifications. Once you have this, then launch Exchange System Manager and navigate down through the Organization node, the servers node, select the Exchange 2003 server you want to relay the WebTrends messages, and expand the protocols node for that server. Now right-click the SMTP Virtual Server located in the SMTP node and select Properties. Switch to the Access tab and click on Relay. Look for the "Only the list below" option, which should already be on by default. The list is probably empty, unless you have already added entries here. Now click on Add and enter the IP address of the WebTrends machine. Now click OK several times and you should be all set.

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