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Password authentication works for OWA but fails for Microsoft Outlook

You can access your mailbox via Outlook Web Access, but not through Microsoft Outlook. expert Brad Dinerman explains how to determine whether this is a user account, desktop profile or workstation issue.

One of our users is able to access his mailbox through Outlook Web Access but not through Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook repeatedly asks for his password, yet he is unable to gain access. What could be the reason?
If this problem only occurs for one user, then we must first determine if the problem is with his particular user account, desktop profile or workstation. First, have the user try Microsoft Outlook on a different workstation that already works successfully for a different user. Does the problem still occur? If so, then go back to the original workstation and try creating a new Microsoft Outlook and/or desktop profile. Does the problem still occur? If it does, then look into the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

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