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Poorly named Win2k dot-com domain is causing DNS issues

With my new job, I "acquired" a two-domain NT4 network. One is named "CYS2.COM" and the other "S3." Both are trusted over a slow link. With a Windows 2000 client I can get to the S3 domain from the CYS2.COM domain, but not the other way around. I can't even dial in to the CYS2.COM domain from a Win2k client.

I believe this to be a DNS issue with the stupid domain of ".COM" -- which only Win2k clients have an issue with. Is this correct? I'd like to rename my domain, but I have too many servers to want to tackle it. I read a Microsoft Help article that said that the Win2k clients over a slow link must log into the PDC. I have WINS set up correctly (as well as lmhosts) -- but no go. I'm trying to set up a Win2k DNS server to see if it helps. Any advice would be wonderful! Thanks.

Yuck. I believe that you are correct. The Win2k machines, which rely on DNS much more than WINS, will be looking for the DNS server to resolve the domain of CYS2 in the .COM parent domain. Poor name choices. You may be able to get around it by manually entering the information into your local DNS servers. If that doesn't work, you may try HOSTS file updates. Not a pleasant task since you probably have many workstations.

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