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Populating attributes with Active Directory

We are planning on utilizing one of the attributes in the Active Directory schema for provisioning an application. We would like to populate the Employee ID attribute with AD via LDIFDE. Once populated, we will need to be able to view the information in that attribute (preferably via AD Users and Computers).

Is there a way to tell AD to make that attribute appear in the GUI interface? If this works you will be a major life savor. Otherwise we will be forced to run vbscripts to export the values and verify the IDs!

This will involve doing some scripting around the AD Users & Computers GUI a bit, but it is certainly doable. See the following reference on MSDN to get you started: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/ad/ad/extending_the_user_interface_for_directory_objects.asp.

Specifically, you'll need to add a new value to the "Extra Columns" list that you see when you click on View --> Add/Remove Columns.

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