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Preparing for MCSE 2003

Expert Ed Tittel explains the best ways to prepare for MCSE 2003.

I have done B. Tech in civil engineering. Now I have a job with an international call center in an IT department. I also am planning to do MCSE 2003. As I am new to this field, could you please guide me as to which books I need to buy? What else can I do to increase my value in the international market?

If you visit good MCSE prep sites such as HardCoreMCSE.com, CramSession.com, and so forth, or subscribe to good MCSE prep mailing lists (majordomo@saluki.com), or check for good reading lists on Amazon for each of the various MCP exams, you can identify "best of breed" offerings that are worth buying and using to help you prepare for these exams. Other things you can do to increase you value would be to consider the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and to possibly also consider a graduate degree. But it sounds like you're on a good track and should be able to improve your prospects and fortune given that you do actually expend the time, money, and effort needed to earn these various credentials.

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