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Prevent duplicate appointments in Microsoft Outlook 2003 calendar

Are you having trouble with duplicate appointments in your Microsoft Outlook 2003 calendar? Learn what may cause this to happen.

We are currently running Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 with Outlook 2003 and have a shared public calendar. If you add an appointment to Outlook, everything seems to be fine. However, if you edit this appointment -- whether created by you or someone else -- it gets duplicated. This doesn't happen for all users, although they are all in the same groups. How can I stop these duplicates from being created?
Duplicate messages often occur when users synchronize their handheld devices with Microsoft Outlook. Take a look at a description of the problem: Microsoft KB 916514.

I've also seen this issue when users place public folders in their Favorites folder that appears at the root of the public folder tree. Check to see if your users are doing either of those things and make sure that your Exchange server is running the latest service pack.

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