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Printer driver problems

Ever since I "upgraded" my OS from Win98 to Win2000 Professional, I have been having a problem with my printer (HP LaserJet 2100M). It takes forever to spool and print documents. For example, it took 14 minutes to print four pages, 10 minutes before it spat out the first one and four for the other three.

I've checked the properties and have noticed that the print priority is always set at minimum. My guess as to the reason for the delayed printing is that the printer buffer is taking a long time to clear. I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the printer from the HP site but it does not work.

My machine specs are: Acer P-III 550 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 8 MB shared VRAM, 10.2 GB HDD

The print priority has no effect on your configuration. It only comes into play if you have more than one print job in the queue.

I'm tempted to think that you have a corrupted PCL driver, especially since this is an upgraded machine. Installing the new driver might not overwrite the bad file. Do this.

? Stop the spooler using NET STOP SPOOLER. ? Completely delete everything in the C:WINNTSystem32SpoolDrivers directory that the system will let you delete. ? Start the spooler with NET START SPOOLER. ? Re-install the Windows 2000 drivers from the vendor. KnowledgeBase article Q239600 states that the configuration utility with this printer driver is not compatible with Windows 2000, so install the driver using the Add Printer utility and don't access the configuration utilities associated with the driver.

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