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Printers added by domain group members cannot be seen by other users

We are having problems regarding network printers and Windows 2000. We have a domain group that is inserted in the local administrator group of our Windows 2000 Professional machines through group policy objects (GPOs).

If a member of this group adds a new network printer, other domain users that log on to this machine cannot see this printer at all -- neither in the printers screen, nor in any printer selection list in any desktop software (like Microsoft Word, for instance). But if the local administrator account adds this printer, everyone can see it. What may be wrong? Is there any registry key or profile information that I can set properly?

Perform a domain synchronization and force a machine refresh on each client using the "secedit //refreshpolicy machine_policy //enforce" command. Also be sure that the "make this printer available to all users" option is checked. Make sure the security settings on the printer allow other users to access it. Also, make sure none of the printer-specific controls in the GPO (especially in the Security Options, User Rights and Administrative Templates sections) are incorrectly configured for your environment.

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