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Printers disappearing from add printer wizard

Learn what you should do if printers are disappearing from the add printer wizard.

Q: My primary print server is on our second domain controller, which is running Windows 2003 server. I have a few...

other printers on another server, which is a Windows 2000 server. Recently the printers on the main print server started disappearing from the add printer wizard. 

If you go in and uncheck publish in directory box, hit apply, and then re-check it, it publishes them again. But after a few hours we lose them again. We use several sites and these printers are assigned to the proper site. Any ideas?

A: Check your replication status on the various domain controllers. You can use DCDIAG.exe, ReplMon, and Repladmin from the SUPPORT TOOLS on the Windows 2000 CD to check that the systems are replicating properly. It is likely that the requests for adding and deleting or cycling around. Also, make sure that the Infrastructure Master role holder is not a Global Catalog server.

This was last published in August 2005

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