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Printers holding print jobs in the queue and re-printing late at night

In a Windows 2000 Server with SP4 on a large domain, one of the servers has a problem clearing some of the print queues. Last year about this time, one of the seven printers held printed jobs in the queue. Late at night the jobs would all re-start printing. I cured that by removing and re-installing the printer. Now I have three more printers with the same problem. I removed the first printer, but then could not add it back using the same share name because Windows said the name was in use, so it added a .2 to the share name. This and the other two printers still accumulate all the printed print jobs in the queue with the status 'printed'.
Check to see if the print jobs are being retained by the print spooler - "Keep printed documents" on the Advanced tab of the Printer's Properties dialog box. Verify you are using the latest versions of the drivers. Check that the hard drive hosting the print spool has sufficient free space and has been recently defragmented, chkdsk, and virus scanned.

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