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Printing and driver problems with HP895 printer

I have a mixed domain (Win98, Win 2000 Pro, 2000 Server) a peer to peer (in another shop), all without any glitches. I have another shop with only Win98 machines, no glitches, peer to peer. The Win98 that is connected to the modem is the server, and is configured to use ICS. One Win98 machine is the print server.

An HP895 printer is connected to a laptop and this printer is shared. We swapped out the Win98 printer server laptop and replaced it with the 2000 Pro. The problem is we are unable to network print.

I used the server CD to supply the Intel Win98 drivers. I was willing to create test environments so I took two machines, the 2000 Pro and the Win98, and created a domain and a peer to peer. It printed fine.

But for some reason when I introduce the 2000 Pro (print server) into an ICS Win98 environment and run a test page I get the errors 'unable to print' and 'can't find printer'. I browsed to the HP895 printer and added it to Network Neighborhood but still can?t print.
Can the 2K laptop print locally to the printer? You may have a driver conflict. In the printer Properties page, look for the "Install down-level drivers" option, or run the driver installation locally on the '98 workstations…HP printers can sometimes get funny about driver compatibility between operating systems.

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