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Printing taking too long

When a print command is given from a laptop using Windows XP Home in a network environment, it takes a very long time to execute the print command. The printer is installed on one of the nodes. How can I speed this up?
A long print command execution time is usually related to a resolution problem or network error. In a Windows environment, you must be able to successfully resolve the NETbios name of the computer sharing the printer, unless you've create a TCP/IP port that maps the remote machine's hostname directly to its IP address.

Secondly, I'd look for any network problems, such as WINS or DNS resolution problems. If you are running a WINS server, check your log files to ensure that the server is not experiencing any network errors; the same applies for a DNS server. I've seen cases where the root of such problems were overloaded WINS/DNS servers and the result was everyone complaining that accessing network drives or printing took too much time.

Additionally, I would suggest you visit Microsoft's site and perform a search related to your problem -- this will certainly provide some help to you.

Good luck!

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