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Problem with mapped drives after setting up a router and firewall

We have a Windows 2000 Professional peer-to-peer network, linked by a switch that was previously set up with individual IP addresses for each PC. We have recently installed an ADSL connection with a 3COM router and a 3COM firewall supplying DHCP addresses, with each PC set to obtain an IP address dynamically. The computer that was used to set up the router/firewall now has a problem with mapped drives. They show a red cross against all the drives. Disconnecting them and then remapping removes the red cross for a few seconds, but they then return. When this machine saves files to the mapped drives, it gives an error that the drive is not available but does save the file correctly (so far!). Printing across the network to a HP 750C plotter spools the file but does not complete the plot file. The other Win2000 machines are OK. We have recently installed SP3 -- but no change. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
The issue is most likely due to the DHCP assignment of IP addresses for those systems for which you have mapped drives. If you can return to static IP address the issue will probably disappear.

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