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Problem with outbound queues filling up

I have Exchange 2000 in a multi-server environment behind an ISA Server. Lately I am having a problem with my outbound queues filling up. I have the latest service packs and I am not an open relay. Any idea on why I am still receiving spam and why I cannot send?
The reason you are receiving spam is simple: You have a mail server on the Internet. As long as you have that, chances are you are going to get spam. But spam will be incoming and generally should not fill your outbound queues. However, the non-delivery report (NDR) that will likely be sent when the spam arrives will be outbound mail and, more often than not, will sit in the queue until the delivery time expires, at which time it will be returned to your Postmaster.

I would examine the queues and the messages therein to see where they came from and what they are. This will help you isolate the problem. Perhaps there is an open relay in your organization that is sending through an authorized method; or perhaps you have a mail loop. You might also try Telnetting to and from this server to make sure the ISA Server isn't interfering with mail delivery.

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