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Problems accessing apps from a non-hosting machine

I am running two Windows XP PCs at home in a workgroup. Both are 2.5 GHZ Celeron with 760MB Ram. One is hosting two shared apps. One is database lookups and the other app is web based. If I try to access this app from a non-hosting machine, it is very slow. What could be causing this?

Look at the Windows System Monitor on each machine in order to locate the bottleneck. Some possible performance metrics to look at are:

Network InterfaceCurrent Bandwidth
Network InterfacePackets/Sec
Network InterfaceBytes Total/Sec
Processor% Processor Time
Physical DiskAvg. Queue Length Time

These and other system counters will allow you to decide if you need to upgrade or replace any equipment, or alert you to potentially "chattering" or malfunctioning devices.

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