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Problems after uninstalling Norton Antivirus

I have two servers, PDC and BDC. Both servers have NT4.0 SP6a. The PDC is Dell PE 2500 with RAID 1. The OS is having problems since I manually uninstalled Norton Antivirus and PC Anywhere. Now the PDC is not shutting down and IE browser fail to start. The PDC is acting like a file server and has the users' home directories and its full production server. What is the best way to fix the OS problems?
AntiVirus, disk management utilities, and remote connection software frequently embed themselves deeply into the OS code and replace critical system files that can create some havoc later on when upgrading, applying service packs, or in your case -- uninstalling them. In Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, Microsoft includes the System File Checker utility that will verify all of the system files and replace them. I don't believe NT 4.0 has this capability, so your best bet may be simply to reinstall the Service Pack to see if it can restore the necessary files.

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