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Problems arise after downloading email to .PST files

Discover why using .PST files as the primary storage space for your email will cause problems for your Exchange organization.

My organization's Exchange server has been down, so my users have been downloading their email to .PST files. My problem is that the Exchange mailbox calendar and .PST file calendar show different meeting requests. I think this might be a synchronization issue between the two calendars. Do you know what the problem might be?
First off, having email delivered to a .PST file due to Exchange server issues is going to cause a lot of problems in general.

Secondly, meetings moved to a .PST file do not work properly. You should stop using .PST files as the primary work space for your users' email. You definitely want to get your mailbox size limits in place, along with increasing your storage capacity. .PST files should only be used to archive old messages or meetings but never as a primary work space. This is most likely causing the issues you are having..

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