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Problems configuring Windows 2000 Server with RAID

Find possible reasons why an administrator can't create partitions when configuring a Windows 2000 server with RAID 1.

I'm trying to configure a server with RAID 1 with a 5 gig OS partition on a Win2K Server (it's a Compaq Proliant 1600). I have a SmartStart disk for Windows NT 4.0. I'm able to get the OS Installed and the disks to mirror, but I can't create the partition. When I get to that point of the install, it won't let me put in the partition size (it won't let me type it in). Any idea why this is happening?
There are a number of possible causes. If you configured the RAID partition using the hardware RAID and SmartStart, you should be using the hardware disk management tool to manage the drives instead of Windows disk manager. The other possibility is that the SmartStart CD is loading NT 4.0 SCSI drivers.

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