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Problems formatting NTFS partitions in XP Pro

I have a PC running XP Pro. I have two HDD. The first one has two partitions. All partitions are formatted as NTFS (C,D,F). I would like to dual boot with Windows NT 4.0 Server (and eventually upgrade to Win2k Server), but when I get to the point in the WINNT setup process where it asks me where to install and displays the drives, it displays drive C and D as damaged or unformatted and drive F as unknown. I am really at a loss here because when I check the status of the drives in XP, they are being reported as functioning properly.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

The version of NTFS that ships with Windows XP is not compatible with Windows NT 4.0. You must use the NTFS update in Windows NT Service Pack 5. The Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q306559 contains instructions for dual booting Windows XP and Windows NT 4.0.

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