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Problems installing second domain controller

I have a single Win2K DC and wanted to add a 2nd for redundancy. However, during the DCPROMO process I received an error on the new DC referrring to a DNS error - couldn't find the original DC. Ironically it can be reached by the FQDN using ping. All the articles I've found state I'm missing the Domain subfolders from the DNS Server (original DC) - article 310568. I've tried un-installing/re-installing the DNS server and also tried creating a new DNS server - I've had no luck establishing these entries. I even created a new server in a test domain and installed DNS & AD - it didn't create these entries either. Help!
If you have reinstalled DNS already, there is something else going on. Get on the DC and run IPCONFIG //REGISTERDNS. Check the event log for messages after you have run this. Typically you will get something that gives you a little more information on the problem. You should also:

- Make sure that the DNS IP address is properly configured in your network configuration.

- Check that the FQDN of the machine matches the DNS zone that was created for the AD. You could have a mismatch between the AD and the machine FQDN (usually this only happens when the system is an upgrade from Windows NT 4.0).

- Run the NETDIAG.exe from the SUPPORT TOOLS on the Windows 2000 CD. THis will give you an overall picture of the network configuration and health.

That should get you enough information to start resolving the problem.

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