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Problems making two Win2k Advanced Servers into DCs

Hi Paul. Thanks for taking your time here. I've got three servers running Win2k Advanced Server. DC1 is working great, has NETLOGON and SYSVOL shares enabled, and is operations mater for RID, PDC emulator, and infrastructure. The other two are having problems completing the move to becoming a DC. The FRS service on both DC2 and DC3 cannot pull SYSVOL from DC1, stating errors 13514 (NtFrs stopping Net Logon from sharing SYSVOL), 13508 (NtFrs having trouble replicating from DC1)in the File Replication event log. I've tried to use NetDiag.exe to check that DNS servers have proper registrations (they do). And I've checked all MS TechNet/Knowledge Base articles for those errors. I've run through what they suggest and can't find anything. Any ideas that MS hasn't though of? Thanks!
Hmmmm...did you upgrade from Windows NT, or was it a fresh Windows 2000 installation? Also, where is the DNS -- on the Windows 2000 machine? Here is what I am thinking: If the machines (especially the PDC) was an upgrade, then there is a possibility of a DNS and domain name mismatch. This is seen by looking at the machines full name (right click My Computer and properties) and comparing it to the domain name (as seen in Active Directory Users and Computers). If the domain is different, you have a problem. If they are the same...well then I am just chasing a wild goose. What kind of other information is in the error? Any error codes? What SP are you running? Are the DC2 and DC3 on a well connected LAN?

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