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Problems printing e-mail after Norton uninstall

1. Norton AV ran out -- I uninstalled it and tried Avast Pro demo.
2. I can't print e-mails, and when I try Windows Update IE6 goes through the motions, but returns a blank page.
3. I talk in Avast Forum. They say Norton needs an extra program to completely remove it.
4. I get it, run it -- no good.
5. Then they say to completely remove Avast I need an extra program.
6. I get it, run it -- but no good.
7. I run RegSupreme, REgClean and RegCleaner.
8. I run Norton's System Utilities from a CD.
9. I give up.

1. I can't print any e-mail (now I copy and paste, drop it into Word, print.)
2. Many URLs, including MS Windows Update, act like they're loading but return a blank page.
3. My Add/Remove Programs screen is BLANK, with a single line of 8 point Times type at the top containing all the menu option which normally should be there.
NOTE: I did this ALL on another computer (Win98SE) and the SAME THING HAPPENED.
Programs that require in-depth access to the operating system,(such as Anti-Virus and System Utilities) don't always uninstall completely, and can cause system instabilities. If you're running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, use the system file checker to search for corrupted. Log into the system as Administrator, and simply click Start > Run and type "sfc /scannow" without quotes. You may need to provide a copy of the original installation CD, and a copy of the latest service pack installed on your system so corrupted files are replaced with the latest versions. If this fails, you should try doing a repair installation using your startup disks.

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