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Problems pushing group policy to remote users

I'm having problems pushing our group policy to remote users. I have organizational units setup with policies on each. Some of our remote users are in these OU's, and I want them to be on the same level as the home office. I have VPN setup to where it comes up prior to the Windows login screen (for them). Once connected to VPN, they log into Windows. This should technically log them into the domain, but it doesn't appear the policies are pushed properly. I've already tried the /refreshpolicy from the cmd-line. Ideas?
The first thing to check is to see if they are really logged on to the domain. My tool of choice for this task is KERBTRAY, found in the resource kit. KERBTRAY can let you know if user is, in fact, logged in to the domain. If the user IS logged in to the domain, the other thing I would check next is the connection speed. The policy setting named "Group Policy Slow Link Detection" can help you manage at what speed GPOs will be processed.

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