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Problems resolving to ISP's DNS server

I have a Windows 2000 Server running Active Directory and DNS. We have our DNS server configured to forward to the ISP's DNS servers. All of our clients are XP Pro. The clients' DNS is pointed at my Windows 2000 server.

Everything is working great except we can't get to our Web site. I suspect it has something to do with my DNS server because I can point my client DNS directly to the ISP's DNS servers and I can get to the site. The problem with leaving it like that is logons are extremely slow and we can't access the server when the Internet is down.

It's probably worth mentioning that we host our e-mail on an Exchange 2000 server and our Web site is hosted offsite. Our domain name is the same as our Windows 2000 domain name. Is it confused because our MX record is mail.MyCompany.com (local) and our Web site is www.MyCompany.com (offsite)? Thanks in advance for any help.
It sounds like your Active Directory server thinks that it should know how to resolve www.MyCompany.com without forwarding it to your ISP's DNS servers. This make sense, since you used that domain for your Active Directory. To resolve this, you should manually add a DNS record for www.MyCompany.com to your Active Directory DNS server and configure it with the Web server's IP address. Alternatively, you could add the www.MyCompany.com entry in all client HOSTS files (located in Windows -> System32 -> Drivers -> Etc.).

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