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Problems running Exchange 2000 on a domain controller

We are looking into upgrading one of our branch offices from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000. We would like to install Exchange 2000 on the Windows 2000 domain controller at the site. Have you heard of any problems or issues with Exchange 2000 running on a domain controller print server besides sizing and horsepower? We would be using the "move mailbox" feature and then decommissioning the old Exchange 5.5 box at the branch. This would be the second Exchange 2000 server that will be added to the enterprise and the first added to this site. We are currently running in mixed mode.
The primary issues with running Exchange 2000 on a domain controller are resources, disaster recovery and security. Both Exchange 2000 and Active Directory are resource-intensive applications. This means that the memory, CPU and other hardware resources in the system need to be powerful enough to handle both of them together, especially under stress.

The second main issue is recovery. In the event of a disaster, it's going to take you much longer to restore if you have to first recover AD before you can restore Exchange. On a non-DC server, recovery of Exchange is much easier and faster.

Finally, there are security issues to deal with. If your Exchange and AD admins are in separate teams or groups, the AD team might not want Exchange administrators being authoritative on their DCs, and the Exchange administrators might not want the AD folks to be authoritative on their Exchange servers. Note that some organizations have leveraged the integration of Exchange and AD by also combining their administrative teams, thereby completely avoiding this scenario.

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