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Problems trying to reinstall Win XP Pro

I'm trying to reinstall Win XP Pro on my system again. But my system locks up after the words "Press F2 To enter AutoMated System Recovery." I tried using the XP boot floppies and that hasn't worked. I tried slipstream copies of my XP Pro such as SP1 and SP2. I disabled my onboard anti-virus from the BIOS and I disabled Plug and play OS. I also changed my RAM around to see if that was the problem and still nothing. I also unplugged everything from my system that isn't needed during an install. I can install Win95, Win98, Win98se, Win2k3 and all longhorn builds on my system. What else can I do to get XP installed on this system again?
I feel your pain. It sounds like you've done just about everything right, too.

Here's a suggestion: Format the disk as FAT32, and then reboot the computer to MS-DOS. At the MS-DOS command prompt, copy the Windows XP Professional CD to a folder on the hard disk. Try running Windows XP Setup from that folder. Also, here are some other things you should try: update your BIOS with the latest version from the OEM; reset the BIOS to its default settings; replace the cable connecting your hard disk to the main board; and make sure that your hard disks and CD-ROMS have their master/slave jumpers configured correctly and that they're cabled correctly. Last, try a different Windows XP Professional CD on the off chance that the one you're using is corrupt.

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