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Problems when Outlook 2000 accesses Active Directory

I was reading that after a user logs on to an Exchange 2000 server and the DSProxy service passes back a referral to the client, all future directory requests are sent directly to the referral server. The referral server in this case is the Global Catalog server.

What happens if the referral server (the Global Catalog server) is not available after that (e.g., the Global Catalog server shuts down after the user logs on to Exchange 2002 server)?

I tried accessing the referral service and got this message when I accessed the global address list in Outlook 2000: "Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer. Contact your system administrator if this condition persists."

This message is not accurate because the Exchange 2000 Server is OK. The problem is that the referral server (one of the two Global Catalog servers in my domain) is shut down.

How can I resolve this? I think that my Outlook 2000 client should dynamically find the other Global Catalog server available if one of them is shut down. Would it be OK if I made my Exchange 2000 server a Global Catalog server also?
I would not make your Exchange 2000 a Global Catalog server or a domain controller. Your assessment of the issue is correct. However, I would follow Microsoft's recommended resolution to this problem rather than taking the drastic step of making your Exchange 2000 computer a GC. First, I would start by reading KB article Q302914, then Q256976. Finally, see Q241795 for details on how to resolve this issue.

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