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Problems with Exchange 2000 and Lotus Notes connector

I am attempting to setup the Exchange/Notes connector in order to allow for Notes and Exchange coexistence. I have done all the steps provided by Microsoft in their white paper "Microsoft Exchange 2000 and Lotus Domino Coexistence and Migration.". I am currently receiving the following error: "Event ID 41116 -- error opening Notes document with ID=233a." I have verified that the proper ID has the necessary privileges on the proper Notes databases. I have not been able to find information on this on Microsoft.com. Any insight you can provide would be great.
This is probably a long shot, but it sounds like Exchange.nsf, the address book on the Notes server that contains the replicated Exchange users, may be corrupt. To fix this, backup Exchange.nsf. Then, delete the existing one and recreate it. Then, perform a full reload from the Exchange connector to populate the address book with Exchange users.

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