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Problems with WinXP installation

I'm having problems with the installation of Win XP. I formatted my PC, and when I boot from the XP bootable CD, it begins gathering system info and asks me if I want to upgrade or install from scratch. Whichever I choose, it begins to work, reboots, text mode appears and then my monitor goes blank and the green light changes to amber. That's it, and I can't do a thing about it. (I had ME and tried to upgrade, then formatted the HD and the same thing happened). What can I do?
It's hard to say without a specific error message. I would start by making sure your hardware is on the Hardware Compatibility List for Windows XP, and updating the firmware for the system BIOS and CD/DVD drives. Alternately, you may try creating a set of boot disks for XP and try the setup from there.

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