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Problems with contacts in Outlook 2000

We have a mix of Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2003 servers in the same organization. Exchange 2003 is the backbone and all mail is routed through the servers. Now we have problems with contacts in Outlook 2000. When we send a mail to a contact, it generates an NDR and an error message. "A syntax error was detected in the content of the message?.

The address is like this:

This NDR is generated by Exchange 2003 server.
It is in 50% of all mail sent to contacts.
It must be something with X400 handling.
This sounds very much like a known problem in Outlook 2000 in SP3 and earlier. This problem occurs because the Microsoft Outlook client improperly formats the MDBEF encoding. In particular, Outlook may include the PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS MAPI property in a non-recipient context when an e-mail message is forwarded after a rule has moved the e-mail message to a different folder.

This problem has been fixed in the Outlook 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 Hotfix Rollup Package from June 7, 2003. For details on how to obtain this rollup, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 822612, "Availability of the Outlook 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 Hotfix Package: June 7, 2003."

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