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Problems with monitor and motherboard

I have an AMD 1.7 Gigahertz MSI motherboard system with 128 MB RAM. Recently when I switched my system on I heard a long buzzing sound and the monitor went blank. I switched off the system and waited and then switched it back on but my monitor was still blank. However, the power LED in my monitor blinked at regular intervals. I checked my monitor and CPU with the local service store and they said the monitor was fine but the motherboard isn't working properly. Do you think I should I buy a new motherboard or a new monitor? If so, what will be the best options?
My recommendation would be to verify the information from the computer service store and test the monitor yourself on another PC and see if it works. Then find an old monitor (check with your friends) and hook it up your current PC to see if your system is working. I'm inclined to believe that the store is correct and that you may have an issue with the motherboard, or another internal component (such as the power supply).

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