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Problems with public folder permissions

We manage an Exchange 2000 Standard Server. We encountered the problem described in "XADM: Err Msg: Invalid Windows Handle ID No: 80040102 Q313333" when trying to alter public folder permissions on a certain public folder sub-structure.

I obtained "pfinfo.exe" off the SBS4.5 RSK, and its version of "pfadmin.exe" as well. I also found an "updated" version of "pfadmin.exe" on the Exchange2k RSK.

Exporting the permission to a .txt file using "pfinfo.exe" is easy enough, but importing those permissions reliably back into the Exchange2k public folder structure proved to be more difficult. I have, in the meantime, resolved the issue with a bit of a manual work-around that took about an hour or so to implement.

I was wondering if you perhaps have had any experience with this, or if you knew of a nice article/guide that would help expedite the process (using the Exchange2k "pfamin.exe," for example).
Have a look at KB article Q270905, which discusses this issue. It also includes instructions for resolving the error you received.

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